Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Law of attraction on STEROIDS

How can you get real results like these guys using the
Law of Attraction?

"Cosmic ordering works! I said I wanted a hit TV
show. It had to be something my girls would watch
- and I wanted it by October. I got the call about
Deal or No Deal in August. It's spooky."
-- Noel Edmonds, TV presenter + UK host of
"Deal or No Deal"


"I placed an order for a specific type of man to
arrive during a particular week. When the week
arrived, a guy with all nine specific characteristics
was delivered. Wowwww! After that I was convinced
that cosmic ordering definitely worked."
-- Barbara Mohr, Author


"If you want to discover how to enjoy money, love,
success and health, just by asking for it - then check
out this new course from Bradley Thompson. I've used
it myself - and it really works. Powerful stuff!"
-- Sanjay Agrawal, Author

What are they talking about? It's not 'regular' Law of
Attraction... it's something that almost no other book, DVD
or CD ever discusses (and you've probably never heard of.)

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