Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Happiness Tips!

Happiness in Ten Easy Steps: Part Two

Are you ready for more ways to make yourself happy - completely free?

Here's the second half of my article that shows you how it is possible to stay contented, just by taking the time to consider what needs to be done.

6. Find Your Flow
These days tennis balls travel so fast that top-flight professional players can't even see them. They react instinctively, a result of hours of practice and intensive training.

Sports psychologists call it getting in “The Zone”, that place where things just flow and reactions become automatic and intuitive. And the same thing happens when you're doing something you love.

Any activity that brings you pleasure will take your mind off the everyday problems. It could be a hobby or time spent with other people, either in an activity-based environment or simply at a dinner party or get-together.

Perhaps you're a keen gardener, enjoy a trek in the hills, or are a member of a local group. What you do or who it's with doesn't really matter. The important thing is getting immersed in something that occupies your mind.

So now there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't get out and paint that fence in the back yard, is there?

7. One Good Think Deserves Another
Is there something you've got that you're particularly happy about?

Some people survive on very little money, but they've got their health. Others have to live with the pain and anguish of disease or disability, but they've got a close circle of loving family and friends. Still more have a hard time building lasting relationships, but they're doing a job they love.

Whenever we see someone less fortunate than ourselves, perhaps someone who's fallen on hard times, we often say: "there but for the grace of God go I." We count our blessings, because if you look hard enough there's always someone worse off than you are.

Think about something you have in your life that you're lucky to have, whether it's money, love, health, friendships, a great job or a beautiful house. Then acknowledge your good fortune with a silent statement of affirmation, such as "I've got a brilliant marriage."

It's a small thing, but the small things all add up in the end, don't they?

8. Lean-on Library
Imagine a world with no other people in it.

Just you.

How scary is that?

Fortunately, that's not the way it is. And that's a good thing, because we need other people to talk to, to smile at, to flirt with, to get angry at, or even just to have a good moan with.

You know what I mean: the friends and family you can always rely on for a chat. They listen to you, you listen to them, and you both feel better for it.

Sometimes it helps to get things off your chest - or your mind - and for that you need people. They're your own personal lean-on library, a group you belong to that supports each other in good times and not-so-good ones.

Without this release mechanism, emotions build up and stop you from enjoying life. So whether you need to share a moment of success or have a good cry, people will always be there for you.

9. Put Yourself First
There's always enough time for work, for paying the bills, for cleaning the house or car, and for all those jobs and chores that just have to be done.

But what about the most important thing in your life: YOU?

Every now and then you need to recharge your batteries. You need to switch off, leave the world behind and concentrate on you and you alone.

Some people like to go for a walk, or read a book, or take a long soak in the bath. Just a few minutes to yourself can restore your energy and make you feel better. It's not selfish: it's vital.

And once you've got your get-up-and-go back, you'll be able to deal with whatever comes along calmly and efficiently. It's better for you, and it's better for the people you interact with.

In short, it's a win-win situation.

10. Score A Few Goals
Ever thought you might like a better job?

To spend more time with your family or friends?

To save up enough money for a special occasion? Maybe a holiday or a party?

Everybody needs something to aim for. Having a goal gives you a target to work toward, and every step closer to the target increases your feeling of satisfaction.

As long as your goals are realistic and achievable, you will reach them. You might set yourself a few short-term goals that are easy to achieve, as well as one long-term goal that takes a bit more dedication and perseverance. With each of the smaller goals you achieve you'll get a buzz, and you'll also be bringing yourself closer to reaching the Big One.

Nothing is quite as rewarding as the feeling of satisfaction you get from accomplishing something, no matter how small. Each achievement becomes a milestone, a landmark, a reason to look ahead with anticipation and expectation.

And that's often enough to put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Monday, January 26, 2009

How To Find Happiness

Happiness in Ten Easy Steps: Part One

Here's the first half of an article I wrote a while ago about finding happiness... the EASY way.

Ah, happiness; that elusive state everybody wants a piece of.

But we can spend so much time searching for it that we overlook the obvious. Unlike some of the other essentials in life, such as money, food, clothing, shelter, etc., this one doesn't exist outside of us.

If you really want to be happy and aren't just fond of the idea of being happy, you have the means at your disposal to create your own happiness any time you wish. Here are ten of the more common things you can do to boost your spirits and make you feel great without spending a dime!

1. Grin & Wear It
If your glass is always half-empty, ask yourself: what's that other stuff doing there?

Half of something is better than nothing. Half a bottle of champagne is still champagne. If you can afford that, you've got more than most people will ever have.

It sounds cliched, but contented people really do think positive. The ability to see the good points in others or to make the most of a situation can easily put a smile on your face. But it's not because those people are naive or simpletons: it's because they live life to the full and squeeze every last drop out of it.

Try it yourself. You might just be surprised.

2. Generate Good Feelings
Ever get annoyed when someone fails to hold a door for you? Forgets to say please or thank you?

Me, too.

But then again, we get what we give. And it's the act of giving that brings us rewards, NOT the reactions of others.

When you help someone across the street or pick up something they've dropped, it makes you feel good. You can't help it, it just happens. Part of the human condition includes the potential to be generous, and this generosity sparks off those "happy" chemicals in the brain.

Perhaps it's a case of good triumphing over evil. Or maybe it's our instinctive ability to recognize right from wrong.

Whatever the reason, doing something nice makes us feel, well, NICE. And that's just about all the justification you need.

3. Let Your Hair Down
One thing happy people have in their lives is variety.

They never seem to be bored or stagnant for very long. And what's the best way to get some variety in your life?

By doing something different.

Let's face it: we all work hard to get the things we need for ourselves and our families. So why not let your hair down once in a while and go mental?

If there's something you always wanted to do but never got round to doing, make the effort. You'll discover the difference between just going through life - and taking life by the scuff of the neck.

It's your life, and you only get one of them. So go on: have some fun! There's nothing to lose, and you might just get a real kick out of it.

4. Be A Happiness Detective
Okay, let's get real.

Sometimes, no matter how positive or good-natured you are, things go wrong. We're only human, after all, and we share the same vulnerabilities and weaknesses. But when things DO go wrong, the way you react can make the situation better or worse.

Instead of brooding on it, do some detective work. Find out WHY things went wrong. Was it something you said or didn't say? Something you did or didn't do?

Be brave and answer yourself honestly. As soon as you uncover the truth, you can fix the problem and move on.

This is one time when it really does pay to be a clever dick.

5. Turn Off Your Time Machine
Got your future all nicely planned and mapped out?

Can you see what you'll be doing in a few years' time?

Or are you constantly thinking back to things you should have done differently?

Time is a strange concept that's preoccupied many an intellect over the years, from H.G. Wells to Albert Einstein. And yet, on one level at least, it's really quite simple.

There is no past, and no future. We can only live now, because everything we do takes place in the present. Sure, we can influence our future by some of the things we do, but it isn't predetermined.

So if you want a better, happier future, don't look back. Leave the past where it is and get on with the job of living.

And you don't have to be psychic to predict what will happen next.


If you still need help finding your true happiness, stand by for Part Two of this article out soon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Get Happiness Now!

It's the one thing that everybody wants more than anything else in the whole world...

to be HAPPY!

But what is happiness, anyway? Is it:
  • Having more money?
  • Having better relationships?
  • Feeling confident and self-assured, no matter what the circumstances?
For many people, happiness is a combination of a lot of things. But all these "things" share a common element -- they make us happy.

Who Are You?
Happiness is all about finding the real you; the person who sees opportunities instead of obstacles, blue skies hiding behind grey clouds, potential instead of disappointment.

It's a state of mind, and one that you can change and control.

Want to feel better within yourself? Then put the Happiness Now technique to work.

You won't believe how much happier it'll make you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Are You Psychic?

Got a gut feeling about something?

Do you know who it is before picking up the telephone?

Do the hairs on the back of your neck stand up to warn you of danger?

Ever had the feeling of deja-vu?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is YES, them you're already using some of your psychic abilities.

The truth is that we're all capable of psychic powers. These powers lie within each and every one of us, but over the years we've come to rely on them less and less.

People talk about women's intuition, or instinctively know that a baby will be a boy or girl, or feel an urge to do something at a certain time...

These are all signs of our psychic abilities creeping to the surface. And with practice, it's possible to reawaken these sleeping powers and use them to create a better life for ourselves.

The Be Psychic course will help you do just that. It's in 3 distinct parts, taking you from beginner stage through intermediate to advanced. Some of the techniques included show you how to:

  • Travel to the astral plane
  • Read minds
  • Heal animals
  • Communicate telepathically with "P-mail"
  • Improve your sex life
And more besides. Plus the course includes some unique bonuses and software to help unleash your psychic potential, with names like the Intuition Machine, the Color Wheel, and the Meditation Station.

Naturally, this stuff isn't for everyone. But if you've ever wanted to explore this side of your psyche, then the Be Psychic course could be just what you're looking for.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Sublimely Happy New Year

Ready for a Change?

It's a New Year, and it's your chance to discover a New You.

No doubt you're familiar with the power of subliminal messages. They're used in lots of self-dev products these days and crop up in hypnosis and brain entrainment circles. They're also available as flashing images you can set up on your PC. But nothing comes close to the power of the Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection.

The collection includes 5 videos in total aimed at improving various areas of your life, with titles as follows:

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Unlike other forms of subliminal messaging, these titles are proper videos that you can sit back and watch. They make self-development as easy as it can possibly be. After all, how much simpler can it get? Just pull up your chair, sip your hot chocolate and watch a professionally produced video.

The videos can be played on any PC, Mac or iPod, and start working as soon as you begin viewing them. They're fast and effective, making use of the latest technology.

Made any New Year's resolutions? Then this is your chance to follow through with them -- the EASY way!

Find out how incredibly simple self-development really can be, with the power behind the Ultimate Subliminal Video Collection.

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